A Season of Changes

Well, I’m back!  It’s been a whopping TWO YEARS since I last posted on my blog!  Life got even busier and LOTS of MAJOR changes happened.  This led me away from my little outlet for quite a while but yesterday my fingers started twitching and I knew I had to get typing again.  Speaking of changes…

It’s definitely Autumn, a season of changes.  I woke up this morning and promptly procrastinated getting out of bed.  The air was so chilly that even the kitties were snuggling under the comforter!  It would’ve been nice if I could’ve snuggled with them and my little 7 month old heater…  Oh, I guess I should catch some of you up!

A quick recap of my life since my last blog post:
~ I moved back to my home state of Maryland!  Temporarily back into my hometown, into the house where I spent my pre-teen and teen years, into my old bedroom at my parent’s house.  With my husband and our two cats.  Yep.  <Insert Twilight Zone music here.  lol.>
~ I started working for my hometown’s little municipal government.  It’s interesting to see who remembers me and who I remember :)
~ I started volunteer/assistant coaching pole vault at my former high school.  It’s time consuming but I love it!  I have a great group of kids!
~ My hubby and I found a DREAM of a “starter” home and bought it!  I say “starter” because it’s the first house we purchased, but the former owners put in a ton of amazing upgrades so it was completely turnkey!
~ It’s a good thing we didn’t have to do any renovations to the house because we learned less than 2 months after moving in that we were expecting a baby!  It was a boy, he was born in March, and is now 7 months old – I can’t believe time has flown by so quickly!

So now that we’re all caught up, let’s get back to changes.  Fall, a season of changes.  Sports change…  Pro baseball is wrapping up and all football recently started back up – yay for Giants football being back but boo for my team sucking and losing the last 3 games.  The weather changes…  I like cooler weather so I can wear my faux motorcycle jacket, hoodies, and boots.  I do not like that it’s now dark (and COLD!) in the morning when I wake up and dark (and COLD!) in the evening when I drive home from work.  The activities change (mostly because of the weather)…  Bring on the bonfires, leaf peeping, pumpkin patches, and Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas decorations!  The food changes…  Tailgates bring food that are part summer cookout and part winter comfort.  Ooh, winter comfort food – soups, stews, warm casseroles, holiday foods – mmm!  Breakout your CrockPots! :)  And the holidays bring stick-to-your-ribs food and sweet treats – mmm again!  The most obvious change that this season brings, at least to me, is that the leaves fall off the trees.

While walking to my car yesterday, I noticed all of the leaves that were on the ground already.  It got me thinking about all these changes, not just seasonally, but in life especially.  Yesterday would’ve been my parents’ 36th wedding anniversary, if my dad was still here on earth with us.  Instead of being a happy celebration, it seems to have evolved into a day of avoidance.  Unfortunately for another family I know, October 11th may evolve into a day of avoidance for them as well.  A car crossed a double-yellow line and hit another car head-on yesterday morning.  The young woman in the second car died at the scene.  We did gymnastics together growing up.  I remember her being a effervescent, fun, sweet girl.  From the looks of Facebook, everyone else is remembering her the same way.  She is about the 30th person, give or take a couple, under 30 to die since I graduated high school a decade ago; apparently the good really do die young.  I pray for her family.

Onto happy life changes!  As luck would have it, I had to reschedule a hair appointment to yesterday evening so it turned out to be a happy (okay, maybe a little bittersweet for me) milestone for our little family.  How is a hair appointment a milestone?  It is when it’s your first baby’s first haircut!  And oh my goodness, we certainly have had many, many firsts in these last 7 months!  Most recently there were the first beach trip, the first teeth, the first real (puree-free) meal, and now the first haircut!  It’s amazing to watch this little guy grow and learn and develop!  I mostly get excited when something new happens with him.  But I also get a little wistful because it’s all happening so fast and he won’t be a baby for long.  Time, please slow down some!

I guess if there was a point to my random, often off-on-a-tangent, musings today it would be this:  we (oh how guilty I am of this!) often get so wrapped up in the bustle of life that we don’t always stop and savor its sweetness but life goes by so quickly, and sometimes ends so abruptly, that we should try better to enjoy more of it before life entirely passes us by or comes to that unexpected halt.  If there isn’t a point to any of what I just wrote, well, welcome back to my crazy randomness ;)

Thanks for reading!  Hopefully it won’t be another 2 years before I post again.

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