The Beginning

Apparently, I am the go-to person in the office when someone needs to know where to seek out good food. I always know about new restaurants that are opening, what deals are going on, and what food-related events are happening. Now, I’ve never been much of a writer; I’ve always been better with numbers. So when someone suggested that I start a food blog, I totally brushed it aside. But I later revisited the idea and decided to give it a try. Then, during the process of setting it up, the blog evolved into more than just food.

Coming up with a food-related blog name was difficult. Everything good that I thought of was already taken by a website, Facebook page, Twitter user, etc. One day, I used Instagram to share a photo of my food (what else?!) and my username made me do a double-take.

AlwaysMurt. I started to use that name after I got married and changed my last name. My friend “JRob” had always called me Murty Murt and said to me “What am I supposed to call you now?” I told her that I will always be a Murto, no matter what my last name actually is. That got me thinking about expanding my blog to be about everything I like, not just food. So now it’s just that.


I will probably write in the same way that I speak. I probably won’t always use proper English. I probably won’t even make sense at times. But I don’t care. Maybe nobody will read my blog. Maybe those who do will find it boring or stupid. But I don’t care. This is for me. An outlet for everything I like to talk about but my husband doesn’t really care to listen to.

If you do read this, you will likely be entertained as well as find useful tidbits about food, entertainment, and travel, among other things. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!